Small AI, big results



“The speed of change makes you wonder what will become of architecture.”

Ando Tadao

There’s an anecdotal story taught to young design students, that architects in Nordic countries like Sweden, Finland and Norway wait until winter to draft their site plans, because in the winter, when it’s cold, they can read the footprints in the snow.

People will walk where they want to walk, no matter where the architects put the doors.
By tracing how people interact with the city, by reading the footprints, the architects know where to begin their design. Footprints in the snow are small data informing a basic design decision.

But the front door is just the first step, literally. There are thousands (if not tens-of-thousands!) of details, potential problems, and solutons for the designers and engineers to consider. In the end, their product - a finished building - is the result of numerous stakeholders breaking down big problems into small, easily digested issues, working together towards a common goal.

Sounds a lot like designing a miniapp, to me!

At Evolany we’re confident building miniapps the traditional way: gathering stakeholders, project managers, engineers, designers, marketers, etc., but we’re also practiced, confident innovators. We’re used to reading footprints in the snow and taking the appropriate action.

Which is why (and how) we’re spearheading the Small AI Revolution.

Whereas typical AI uses big data to solve big problems like weather patterns, traffic congestion and mathematical proofs, Small AI relies on small data and human support to make everyday tasks easier. Small AI considers that complex systems, like designing a great building or miniapp, is simply a collection of small, easily solved problems.

At Evolany, Small AI supports our engineers and designers by helping determine your miniapp’s optimal color scheme, the size and location of buttons, and even which questions to ask during a product survey. Small AI guides you through the concierge and onboarding process, it even helps our engineers compile code.

Small AI, like footprints in the snow, informs basic design decisions.

If you’re interested in seeing Small AI in action, click the button below to start designing your miniapp using our Miniapp Concierge!




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